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Smart Care Series


The MX Medical and Intrusion Alarm Series marks a watershed in the evolvement of medical alarm systems. One of the first of our wireless medical alarms to be integrated with an intrusion alarm system, the MX Series not only provides thorough care for your loved ones at home but also protects your house and property when you are away. Incorporating various cutting-edge telecare technologies, the MX Series features a new, user-friendly three-button design that fully utilizes the flexibility and versatility of the system. The user can summon emergency help by one press on the red button and arm his house by one press on the yellow button. Events happening at home will be reported to the monitoring center via Contact ID communication protocol. Living under protection and going in and out in peace have never been easier.


With the MX Series you will not only enjoy excellent telecare but will always have the peace of mind given by the system’s convenient and efficient security functions. The MX Series can serve as an intrusion alarm when the yellow button on the control panel is programmed as a security button. The system will still operate as a medical alarm when you are at home, but you can arm your house upon leaving home by one quick press on the yellow button. The intrusion alarm and all monitoring sensors will be activated to guard against burglary. When you return home, you can press the yellow button and your pendant once to disarm the house and turn the system back into a medical alarm.



Multiple options for alarm communications paths and two expansion modules


The MX Series offers four models that adopt different built-in communications network(s) to meet diverse installation needs. Each of the models has an expansion slot for a plug-in DECT module (EZ-1) or GSM/3G/LTE module (EZ-2) to further enhance installation flexibility.


The four models’ alarm communications paths and compatibility with EZ-1 or EZ-2 are as below:

MX-2: PSTN --- Compatibility with EZ-1 or EZ-2

MX-3: GSM / 3G / LTE--- Compatibility with EZ-1

MX-6: Ethernet and PSTN --- Compatibility with EZ-1 or EZ-2

MX-8: Ethernet and GSM / 3G / LTE --- Compatibility with EZ-1



Capability to establish an emergency sound system on your premises


All the four models of the MX Series are compatible with the plug-in DECT module (EZ-1), which enables the systems to incorporate DECT devices such as Talking Pendant (WTRVS-8/15, with fall detection models), Call Point (CP-23) and Voice Extender (VCP-DECT). One simple press on any of these devices will open two-way communication between care personnel and the user and activate other DECT devices on the premises, extending protection to several family members simultaneously.



The Multifunctional, Programmable Yellow Button


The yellow button, one of the leading features that place the MX Series way ahead of traditional medical alarms, can be programmed as an inactivity, check-in/out, away/home, non-emergency or security button according to the needs of the user. This flexible design enables you to use the yellow button to toggle on/off the inactivity timer, to make a non-emergency call or to arm/disarm your house in seconds.


Comprehensive Help/Nurse Arrival Function


Care or medical personnel will find the MX Series a great help as this system has fully developed the help/nurse arrival

function to efficiently respond to the following four scenarios:

- Help/nurse arrival.

- The nurse’s work finished.

- The nurse needs help.

- The nurse closes the case.



Superb Versatility


The MX Series can incorporate up to 40 devices, including Wrist Transmitter, Emergency Pendant, Smoke Detector, Water Sensor, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Panic Button, PIR Motion Detector, Door Contact, Voice Extender VCP-DECT and Fall Sensor. PIR motion sensors provide inactivity monitoring when the system serves as a medical alarm and intruder monitoring when the system is turned into an intrusion alarm.


  • Communication protocols with CMS: Contact ID and BS protocol

  • Alarm Reporting via PSTN or GSM / 3G / LTE

  • User-friendly three button design with multifunctional yellow button that can be programmed to toggle On/Off inactivity timer and Away/Home Mode

  • Doubles as an intrusion alarm system

  • World-class RF range, sensitivity and performance

  • Powerful 3W speaker for long range clear Two-Way Talk function

  • Capability to establish a multi-party emergency intercom system

  • Adjustable speaker and microphone volume

  • Comprehensive Help/Nurse Arrival function to deliver assistance in four possible scenarios

  • Voice Prompt feature alerts the user upon designated events

  • Up to 40 sensors/devices can be integrated into the system

  • Supports multiple programming methods

  • Event filters to process events according to categories

  • Automatic check-in reports

  • Remote firmware update capabilities

  • EN50134 Class II certified

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