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Light Switch (AC-Powered and Grounded Light Switch Series)


The ZigBee Light Switch Series ushers in wireless lighting control that plays a key role in enhancing the convenience, comfort, safety and energy efficiency of smart homes and businesses. With the service of the light switches, permanently installed lights can be automatically turned on/off according to custom schedules or scenes. The user can also remotely control lights via a mobile device from anywhere.


  • Controls the on/off status of permanently installed lights

  • Provides remote on/off control via a ZigBee network and manual on/off control via its rocker switch

  • Power supply: 110-230V, 50/60Hz

  • Maximum load: 5A

  • Connects to neutral, load, and line wires

  • LED indicates the switch location in a dark room

  • May be used in a new installation or replace an existing wall switch

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