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Light Switches (Battery-Powered and Non-Grounded Light Switch Series)


The Z-Wave Light and Dimmer Light Switch Series ushers in wireless lighting control that plays a key role in energy management, and enhancing the convenience, comfort, safety of smart homes and businesses. The Light Switch series replaces any standard light switch, giving the users the freedom to use whatever light bulb they require, or if the fixture requires bulbs of a particular size, shape or style that are not compatible with smart bulbs.

The Z-Wave Light and Dimmer Light Switches are compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems and be can flexibly integrated into new or existing Z-Wave home automation or security systems, allowing for remote management, and customized schedules or scenes. 

Users can schedule tasks as simple such as turning lights on after dark or before their kids come home from school, or turning specific lights off every day at a specific time to reduce power consumption. Enjoy complete control of your lighting whether you are at home or on the go. Creating a green home has never been easier!


  • Controls the on/off status of permanently installed lights

  • Provides remote on/off control via a Z-Wave network and manual on/off control via its rocker switch

  • Two-way switch (one switch and one load)

  • Battery type: CR123A lithium battery x 1

  • Maximum load: 5A

  • Connects to load, and line wires

  • LED indicates the switch location in a dark room

  • May be used in a new installation or replace an existing wall switch

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