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Remote Keypad


KPT-23ZBS is a wireless Zigbee Remote Keypad providing easy-to-use, on-premises security system control and management. For enhanced flexibility and convenience, KPT-23ZBS can integrate with NFC tags for secure quick access without needing to manually enter pin codes, especially useful for small children and elderly.

To provide additional peace of mind and safety, the keypad features dual key function that can activate panic, fire, or medical alarm at one press. The KPT-23ZBS is multifunctional and emits beeps during entry and exit periods. Safeguarded by tamper protection, KPT-23ZBS is protected from being opened or removed from the mounting surface.

Featuring power saving design, KPT-23ZBS consumes no power when it is in stand-by mode. Sleek and stylish, the KPT-23ZBS blends with any décor, making it an ideal sidekick for any alarm system.


  • Enables user to arm/disarm/home arm the security system, manually or swiping NFC tags

  • 16-button Keypad with backlight illumination

  • Stand-by feature that consumes power only when in operation

  • Sleek, modern design with wireless easy installation

  • Dual key function to trigger panic, fire, or medical alarms

  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal

  • Low battery detection

  • Suitable for residential and commerical usage

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