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Remote Keypad


KP-35ZBS is a wireless ZigBee Remote Keypad providing easy-to-use, on-premises security system control for enhanced flexibility and convenience. The LCD display with backlight illumination allows users to easily see the status at a glance. The dual key function can activate panic, fire, or medical alarm at one press, providing users with an additional peace of mind and safety.

Additionally to being wireless, the modern designed KP-35ZBS can be mounted on the wall or place on table tops or nightstands, allowing users the flexibility to place it at the most convenient and accessible location anywhere in the home. The KP-35ZBS has Quick Arm feature, allowing for simple activation at your fingertips. The KP-35ZBS is multifunctional and emits beeps and displays a countdown timer on its LCD display during entry and exit periods. With its energy conservation feature, the keypad consumes power only when in operation and therefore sustains long battery life.

KP-35ZBS is compatible with other manufacturer’s ZigBee systems, and can be integrated into new or existing ZigBee systems for a safer, more comfortable home.


  • 16-button Keypad and LCD display with backlight illumination

  • Power saving feature that consumes power only when in operation

  • Quick Arm function

  • Dual key function to trigger panic, fire or medical alarms

  • Audible beeps to indicate alarms, entry/exit delays and other system status

  • Alarm memory, event logs, fault reports or system status shown on LCD display

  • Wall-mounted or desktop deployment

  • Wireless for easy and flexible installation

  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Low battery detection

  • Sleek, modern design

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