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Smart Home Alarm Systems
HSVGW-G Series


Built based on the popular HSGW series, we are proud to introduce the more powerful and user-friendly HSVGW-G series, featuring two-way hands-free communication to further reduce false alarms by providing instant communication between end-users and monitoring center operators during an emergency – giving end users peace of mind when they need it most. When the home alarm or a panic button is triggered, the HSVGW-G will automatically enter into two-way talk with the monitoring center through the built-in speaker and microphone. This enables the monitoring personnel to hear exactly what is going on in the home, speak with the users, determine the emergency at hand and send appropriate help immediately.

HSVGW is a multi-functional RF, ZigBee, and Z-Wave smart home security gateway with optional add-on of WiFi or 3G/LTE capabilities, providing comprehensive solutions, including home security, visual verification, home automation energy management, emergency monitoring, and remote management, for ultra-convenience, comfort and added protection for every user.

HSVGW-G panel can be easily installed on desktop or mounted on the wall, allowing users the freedom and flexibility to setup where they need it most.


  • Communication Path: IP (Ethernet), WiFi

  • Built-in Module Options: RF, ZigBee, Z-Wave, 3G/LTE

  • Optional Expansion via USB Dongle: WiFi, Z-Wave

  • Two-Way Hands-free Communication

  • Security Visual Verification and Real-time Monitoring & Reporting (up to 6 IP cameras and 6 PIR cameras/PIR video cameras can be added)

  • ZigBee and Z-Wave based home automation capabilities

  • Energy Management capabilities

  • 24/7 Environment Emergency Monitoring

  • Remote management of lights, thermostats, locks and home appliances / sensors via Smartphone App and Web browser

  • Supports up to 160 wireless zones

  • Alarm event reporting via CID/SIA

  • Email, SMS, and Push notification via HPS Server

  • Built-in siren and backup battery

  • Over-the-air firmware update capability

  • 2KM wireless communication range and superb reliability

  • Works with DECT devices to provide senior care and extend emergency voice communication throughout a multi-story house

  • Built-in siren and backup battery

  • Compliance listings: CE 0681 (R&TTE Directive)/EN 300220-1&2/EN 300328/EN 301489-1&3&17/EN 60950-1/EN 62311

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