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Home Security Gateway Series


The HSGW is a WiFi, IP-based multi-functional RF and Z-Wave smart home security gateway with 3G capabilities, providing comprehensive solutions, including remote management, home security, live visual monitoring, home automation, energy management and emergency monitoring, designed to bring all-around convenience, comfort and safety.


Live Visual Monitoring


The HSGW can be compatible with up to 6 IP cameras, and PIR cameras/PIR video cameras for visual verification and real-time video monitoring. PIR Motion Cameras/IP Cameras captures images and record video clips when unauthorized motions are detected and sent to users and monitoring centers for immediate action.



Built-in Siren


The HSGW features a loud built-in siren to blare out immediate warning when emergencies occur. It can also incorporate additional indoor and outdoor sirens to establish a powerful early warning system.



Alarm Reporting


The IP-based HSGW can send alarm reporting in multiple formats, including alarm events in CID/SIA, SMS, Email, Push reporting, and send videos and images over Email via IP.



Backup Battery


The HSGW have rechargeable battery backup, which means that the gateways will keep working even when the power is out, or if it was purposefully sabotaged. When it comes to your security system, there is no room for error.



Greater Comfort and Convenience


Our Gateways incorporate Z-Wave devices to create an integrated, comprehensive home automation system, able to adapt to your lifestyle habits and enhance security. Thermostats, lights, shutters, and household appliances can be turned on/off according to temperature settings, customized schedules/scenes, security status, and group/zone settings, offering all-round comfort and well being. Have the window shades, lights, temperature in the house automatically wake you up in the mornings.



Maximum Energy Efficiency


Whole-house energy meters and power meter switches integrated into HSGW gateway monitors’ total amount of electricity usage and reports energy consumption history. Incorporate additional electronic household appliances to power on/off your lights remotely, control temperature levels, automated shades, and program your entire home for maximum energy efficiency.



Vesta Home App


The end user can download the Vesta Home App from the App Store or the Google Play Store to manage the HSGW, receive event reports and view alarm videos/images on a smartphone.



Home Portal Server


Home Portal Server, our high-capacity IP/GPRS platform, enables the CMS to remotely manage the HSGW and serve customers.


  • Communication Path Options: IP (Ethernet), WiFi, 3G

  • Built-in Protocol Options: RF, Z-Wave

  • Supports up to 160 wireless zones

  • Security Alarm Reporting via CID/SIA

  • Email, SMS, and Push notification via HPS Cloud Server

  • Home Security Alarm functions with built-in siren and backup battery

  • World-class certified RF range, reliability and performance

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control via HPS Cloud Server

  • Supports external antenna capability

  • Real-time Video Monitoring & Visual Verification Reporting features

  • Z-Wave Advanced Home Automation capabilities

  • Energy Management capabilities

  • 24/7 Home Emergency Monitoring: Water Leakage, Fire, Heat

  • Remote management of lights, thermostats, locks, home appliances, and sensors via Smart phone App and Web browser

  • Compatible with up to 6 IP cameras and PIR cameras / PIR video cameras

  • Remote firmware update capabilities

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