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Smart Care Series
GX-8 VOIP Smart Care Security Alarm


Living independently and aging gracefully are the ideals that every individual seeks to pursue. The GX VOIP Smart Care Alarm is an all-in-one wellness, and personal safety medical alarm solution. GX VOIP Smart Care Alarm delivers comprehensive features, including senior care, voice control, emergency monitoring, home automation, Bluetooth medical device pairing, and visual verification, providing seniors and their loved ones ultimate independence and peace-of-mind.




Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


GX’s VoIP function allows monitoring personnel and seniors to place voice calls using a broadband internet connection, and is applicable to DECT devices, talking pendants, call points, and voice extenders to provide two-way communications during alarms and emergencies.



Bluetooth® (BLE) Pairing Capability


GX is compatible with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) medical devices, like blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, heart rate monitors…etc, to track health and medical data and provide alerts when necessary, creating a customized solution to meet individual needs.



Multiple Communication Paths


GX has built-in RF, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth (BLE), and DECT optional modules, supporting up to 100 wireless sensor devices, creating comprehensive and endless expandability, assisting seniors to build a healthier, safer independent living.



Pivotell ® ‘Advance” Pill Dispenser Integration


GX is compatible with Pivotell ® Advance Automatic Pill Dispenser, keeping secure of all pills, and reminding users to take their medication with alarm and flashing lights, giving seniors and their loved ones a peace-of-mind.




Smart Home Automation


GX incorporates ZigBee, Z-Wave and/or BLE sensor devices to make your home smarter and safer by automatically turning on hallway lights at night when you pass by, or have the thermostat automatically adjust based on current room temperature, or remotely control home appliances, allowing elderly to stay safe and comfortable.



Visual Monitoring and Verification


GX can integrate Camera PIR Motion Sensors to deliver real-time visual monitoring and verification. When an emergency occurs, alerts are immediately sent to the elderly user, family members, and Monitoring Center prompting them to verify the event by viewing the captured alarm images via smartphone or web browser.



Comprehensive Help/Nurse Arrival Function


GX has a fully developed help/nurse arrival function to assist care and medical personnel to efficiently respond to the following four scenarios:

- Help/Nurse Arrival.

- The nurse’s work finished.

 - The nurse needs help.

 - The nurse closes the case.



Three Button Design


GX features a user-friendly three-button design; users can summon emergency help by one press on the large red button and press green button to terminate a call or cancel calls. The yellow multi-functional button can be programmed as an inactivity, check-in/out, Arm away/Arm Home, non-emergency call, or security button accordingly to senior’s needs.


  • Communication Path Options: IP (Ethernet), LTE (4G)

  • Built-in Module Options: RF, ZigBee, BLE, DECT

  • Optional Expansion via USB Dongle: WiFi dongle, Z-Wave dongle

  • Able to use SIM cards with multiple roaming providers

  • Communication protocols with Monitoring Centers: Contact ID, Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol (SCAIP), CPC Dialect and Franklin 4+2

  • Alarm Reporting

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capabilities

  • World-class certified RF range, reliability and performance

  • 24/7 Environment Emergency Monitoring

  • Compatible with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) medical devices

  • Supports Pivotell ® ‘Advance’ Pill Dispenser integration

  • ZigBee and Z-Wave compatible home automation capabilities

  • Energy Management capabilities

  • Comprehensive help/nurse arrival function

  • Powerful speaker for clear two-way hands free voice communication with noise cancellation

  • Multi-party emergency intercom system capability

  • User-friendly three button design with programmable multi-functional yellow button

  • Voice Prompt feature alerts the user upon designated events and status

  • Supports multiple programming methods

  • Automatic check-in reports and remote firmware update capabilities

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