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Smart Home Alarm Systems
ESGW Series


The ESGW EasySmart Gateway Series introduces ZigBee/Z-Wave home automation and energy management services designed for users to live green and save smart in the age of increasing economic and energy challenges. The multipurpose ESGW further protects homes with 24-hour emergency monitoring and visual verification solutions. This gateway series with optional built-in Wi-Fi connectivity delivers cost-effective installation flexibility and its capacity to integrate ZigBee/Z-Wave repeaters can create extensive communication range to serve large or complex premises.


  • Communications Path: IP (Ethernet and/or WiFI)

  • Built-in Module Options: ZigBee, Z-Wave

  • Two area configurations, supporting up to 160 zones

  • Alarm event reporting via CID/SIA, Email, and SMS, Push notification via HPS Cloud Server

  • Security Visual Verification and Real-time Monitoring/Reporting

  • ZigBee and Z-Wave based home automation capabilities

  • Energy Management capabilities

  • 24/7 Environment Emergency Monitoring

  • Three different arming modes

  • Remote management of lights, thermostats, locks, home appliances via Smartphone App and PC Web browser

  • Over-the-air firmware update capability

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