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Door Contact


The DC-16SL ZBS is a ZigBee door contact that detects and reports the irregular opening/closing of doors and windows to a control panel. This monitoring device is ideal for security and home automation applications to protect entrances and valuables, also activate other Zigbee devices to perform home automation functionalities through scene settings.

The DC-16SL ZBS is powered by a lithium battery that can provide long battery life. And, it will transmit supervisory and low battery signals to check system integrity. Through the addition of ZigBee routers, the distance between the DC-16SL ZBS and a control panel can be vastly extended to maximize installation flexibility. The DC-16SL ZBS is interoperable with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems.

The DC-16SL ZBS’s anti-tamper design prevents unauthorized removal or sabotage. This sleek and slim door contact blends naturally into any home décor, making your home residence a more secure and convenient place without compromising its aesthetic integrity.


  • Monitors the opening/closing of doors and windows

  • Delivers extensive communication range through ZigBee routers

  • Interoperable with other manufacturers’ ZigBee system

  • Wireless for easy installation

  • Long battery life

  • Sends low battery and supervisory signals

  • Built-in reed switch

  • Anti-tamper design prevents unauthorized removal or sabotage

  • LED serves as a fault and test mode indicator

  • Sleek and slim

  • Easy and flexible installation

  • Compliant with CE requirements

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