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Door Contact


DC-15-ULE is a Door Contact that monitors opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets or drawers. The control panel will be alerted if there is any irregular activity.

DC-15-ULE uses a CR2 3V lithium battery as power source, particularly designed to enhance operational efficiency, lower power consumption and reduce maintenance costs. DC-15-ULE also sends regular supervision signals to check system integrity. Its tamper protection is against unauthorized opening of its enclosure or removal from its mounting surface.

With compact and low-profile design, this easy-to-install door contact can blend in seamlessly with today’s modern homes. DC-15-ULE’s fusion of thoughtful features makes your residence a more secure and convenient place without compromising home aesthetics.


  • Monitors the opening/closing of doors and windows

  • Built-in extension terminal for connection with wired devices

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Powered by a pre-inserted lithium battery for easy installation

  • Built-in reed switch

  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal

  • LED indicator

  • Slim and compact design

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