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Emergency Two-Way Voice Communicator


Voice extender CTC-808RV enables the user to raise alarm calls and open two-way voice communication with monitoring personnel with one button press in the event of an emergency. Conversation can be conducted within 10 meters from CTC-808RV.

Up to four CTC-808RVs can be integrated into one medical alarm. When one CTC- 808RV is triggered, all the other CTC-808RVs will be activated for monitoring personnel and family members in a large or multistory house to enter high-clarity, hands-free emergency voice communication. Senior family members with mobility difficulties can simply use the nearest CTC-808RVs to talk to monitoring personnel.


  • Up to four CTC-808RVs can be incorporated into one medical alarm

  • High-clarity, hands-free, two-way voice communication with the monitoring center in the event of an alarm

  • Expands the number of users as well as voice coverage and traffic

  • Low battery detection

  • Allows the user to answer within 10m from CTC-808RV

  • Four selectable levels of microphone sensitivity

  • Built-in microphone and speaker

  • Microphone and speaker controllable via DTMF commands

  • Adjustable speaker volume

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