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Senior Care Series


Escalating from the popular CTC-1052, we are proud to introduce the more powerful and more user-friendly CTC-1052C. The CTC-1052C features a LCD display that shows GSM signal strength, temperature, clock time, and volume to keep users fully informed at all times. GSM signal strength display keeps users safe by letting users know they are connected, no second guessing or testing. Sudden temperature spikes or drops can be harmful to seniors and people with disabilities, so CTC-1052C keeps temperature display front and center for users to easily monitor.

The CTC-1052C is incredibly easy to integrate into users’ daily lives. Its advanced “Two Way Voice Communication” allows the Monitoring Station to listen in and talk to the user to better assess the situation and send help immediately if needed. The Green Reset button can be programmed to dial non-emergency calls for up to 30 minutes, providing complete hands-free dialing capabili- ties. CTC-1052C is specially designed with a variety of Alarm Protocols, adding its versatility for the most advanced telecare market. CTC-1052C gives users and their loved ones the assur- ance that help is just a look and a button push away.


  • LCD Display shows clock time, GSM signal strength, temperature, and volume.

  • Alarm Reporting: TCP/IP over GPRS or GSM.

  • Central Monitoring Communication Protocols: Contact ID, Scancom Social Alarm Format (SAF) &Tunstall Telecom Format.

  • Reporting to a total of 4 Central Monitoring Stations, each one can have a separate account number up to 6 digits with individual communication protocol.

  • Two Way Hands-Free Voice Communication allows personnel at Central Monitoring station to listen-in and speak to client.

  • A maximum of 10 devices can be added in one system including: Waterproof Wrist Transmitter, Waterproof Emergency Pendant, Passive Infrared Detector, Fixed Panic Button, Smoke Detector, Carbon monoxide Detector, Water Sensor and Fall Sensor.

  • Compatible with SMS iWizard for remote programming

  • Brightly illuminated large red Help button for easy access in an emergences

  • Capable of programming via: Local: Through telephone set connected via special telephone cord (supplied) Remote: Through SMS Text Message

  • Non-Emergency Calls – can be used as a hands-free phone

  • Pre-dial “guard time” programmable from 0 seconds to 99 seconds

  • Supervision for Wrist Pendants (WTR-): ensure that the Wrist Pendent is working properly when needed.

  • Mobility Check, Automatic Check-in Report, “Help Arrived” Confirmation, Fault Reporting.

  • Half duplex (Push to Talk & Listen In) & Full duplex (Two-way Conversation) speech path controlled by DTMF.

  • Silent Emergency Calls with Half Duplex Listen In only for victim monitoring function.

  • Comply with the following certifications: FCC part 15 Subpart B/ FCC Part 22&24/ UL 1635&1637, CSA C22.2
    No. 205/ PTCRB/ CE certified/ EN-300-220 (Class 1) for 869.2375 MHz only.

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