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4G outdoor LTE WIFI CPE kit


YF-P11K 4G WIFI KIT is divided into two parts (an outdoor LTE unit with sim card slot and an indoor unit with WIFI function.)

The outdoor unit designed with built-in high gain antenna to achieve LTE signal amplification. The water-proof and lightning-proof casing helps the unit to be good used at outdoors.

The indoor unit is placed in the room. It is just like a normal wireless router with 2 Lan ports and WIFI.

These 2 parts connected By Category 5 cable. The indoor unit supply power to the outdoor unit through POE, while the indoor unit provides two Ethernet ports and WIFI signal. 


  • Outdoor unit IP66 waterproof, with 1 ETH port

  • Indoor unit 300M WIFI, with two Lan ports

  • Support 2G/3G/4G network connection

  • WLAN function ,easy to expand wireless network 

  • IP broadband band control ,ensure the speed

  • Support port speed limit

  • Support network traffic statistics

  • Built-in 8DB antenna, enlarge the coverage area

  • Support cell and band locking.

  • Support L2TP,PPPOE.

  • Support remote network management.

  • Support remote upgrade.

Download Datasheet
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