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Carbon Monoxide Detector


The CO-8-P2-ZBS Series is a wireless ZigBee Carbon Monoxide Detector designed to detect the presence of Carbon Monoxide to ensure the safety of your family and your house. It detects the carbon monoxide that you can’t see, smell or taste in the air. Additionally, CO-8-P2-ZBS Series uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, capable of detecting Carbon Monoxide concentration as low as 50 ppm. According to the different levels of CO concentration detected, CO-8-P2-ZBS Series will notify the Control Panel in different time length and raise alarm with its built-in siren.

The CO-8-P2-ZBS Series’ sensitivity conforms to EN-50291 requirements and will immediately raise alarm accordingly to the different levels of CO concentration detected. With battery-operated feature, you will have peace of mind that the alarm will continue to work even when the power goes out. Completely wireless, the CO-8-P2-ZBS Series’ easy-to-install alarm can be mounted anywhere in your home and easily blend in with your home decoration.

Adopting ZigBee Pro HA 1.2 standard, the CO-8-P2-ZBS Series is compatible with other manufactures’ ZigBee systems and can be conveniently integrated into new or existing ZigBee systems to deliver quality protection.


  • Electrochemical sensor to monitor CO level

  • Self-diagnostics function to ensure optimal performance

  • Loud 85dB siren for audio alert

  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor to detect temperatures from 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) and humidity from 0% to 99%RH (optional)

  • Rate-of-rise heat detection when temperature exceeds 57.25°C (135.05°F) or rises by 8.5°C (15.3°F) per minute (optional)

  • Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware update capability (optional)

  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity

  • Alarm silence button to quiet nuisance alarms

  • Tri-color LED status indicator for visual notification

  • Minimum power consumption with extended battery life

  • Low Battery detection

  • Randomized supervision signals to ensure system integrity

  • Suitable for residential and commerical premises

  • Wireless for easy and flexible installation

  • Compatible with other manufacturer’s ZigBee system

  • EN-50291 compliant

  • FCC and CE compliant

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