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Intelligent Energy Management


By having a full understanding of the total amount of electricity your home uses and reviewing usage history is the first step towards creating an energy-savings plan and help curb any energy consumption wastage. CL Meter is an energy metering device designed to mea- sure, monitor, and report the energy consumption of an entire household or apartment building directly from the electric box or breaker panel, for users to look for ener- gy-saving opportunities or provide tenant-specific billing.

Installed directly in the home’s main circuit box, with the clamps attached to it, the CLMT-1ZBS will monitor the total amount of electricity the entire home uses with accuracy and speed. Adopting the ZigBee Pro HA 1.2 standard, CL Meter is compatible with other manufactur- ers’ ZigBee systems and can be flexibly integrated into new or existing ZigBee smart home gateways. With the CL Meter, users can easily track their power usage, allowing them to make the most out of reducing energy consumption and achieving greater energy efficiency.


  • Measures, monitors and reports the energy consumption of an entire household or apartment complex

  • Lightweight and easy to install in a standard electric box or breaker panel

  • Monitors the total amount of electricity used and generate energy history over the day/week/month

  • Reports collected data to the control panel at regular intervals

  • High stability and sensitivity

  • LED status indicator

  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises

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