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BX-23ZW is a wireless outdoor sounder generating loud 107 dB siren sounds and flashing strobe lights during an alarm to provide visible and audible alerts. The Outdoor Bellbox can either be powered by an AC adaptor or battery-operated.

BX-23ZW generates unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary to inform users of the type of danger at hand. It allows for four selectable siren volume levels, programmable strobe activation, and programmable siren durations of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. BX-23ZW emits beep notifications for low battery status, door chime, and arming/disarming of a security system.

Interoperable with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems, the BX-23ZW can be flexibly incorporated into any new or existing Z-Wave mesh networks. Enclosed in its IP56 waterproof and dustproof housing, the industrial grade BX-23ZW easy-to-install outdoor siren is a premium choice to protect residential and commercial premises. 


  • Siren output level is 107dB at 1 meter

  • Unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary

  • Battery-operated or AC-powered

  • Four selectable siren volume levels

  • Programmable strobe activation & siren duration options

  • Sound notification of arming/disarming, door chime, and low battery status

  • IP56 rated waterproof and dustproof housing

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Tamper protection prevents unauthorized removal

  • Low battery detection

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems

  • Compliant with CE requirement

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