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Carbon Dioxide Detector / Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor


AQS-1ZBS is an all-in-one ZigBee indoor air quality sensor that monitors particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity in your home, providing real-time data to keep you informed on your air quality.

Better Air Matters

Exposure to poor indoor air quality is known to be the cause of asthma, coughing, allergies, poor quality of sleep, lack of concentration, and even dampness, mold or structural damage in your home. By using AQS-1ZBS to understand your air conditions, you can stay conscious of the following controllable factors, and take preventive measures to avoid any long-term damages, whether to your health or properties.


Smart and Expandable

AQS-1ZBS tracks and highlights potential hazards in the air you breathe in. Together with the smart home security gateways, you can automate your home to build a safer indoor environment. Any devices connected to the smart home gateways can interact with AQS-1ZBS, such as thermostat or power switch, creating endless possibilities for smart home applications. AQS-1ZBS also features a dimmable LED night light, with warm to cool RGBW light for pleasant ambiance.

Particulate Matter

Remove dust and particles before sensitive allergies and asthma attacks occur.


Carbon Dioxide

Increase oxygen level for mental clarity, prevent headache and nausea.



Ensure temperature is comfortable, day and night.


Check humidity for respiratory relief and to avoid mold and infections.


  • Remotely tracks the air quality in your home

  • Enables automation of other connected smart devices

  • LED night light, beautiful RGBW color ranged from 2700k to 6500k

  • Customized notification and alert for your air quality

  • Wireless and lightweight for flexible installation

  • Precise readings of PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity

  • Generate historical data over day / week / month

  • Elegant, modern design that blends in seamlessly

  • Sends supervision signal to check system integrity

  • Indoor use only

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