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By having a full understanding of the total amount of electricity your home uses and reviewing usage history is the first step towards creating an energy-savings plan and help curb any energy consumption wastage. Clamp Energy Meter is an energy metering device designed to measure, monitor, and report the energy consumption of an entire household or apartment building directly from the electric box or breaker panel, for users to look for energy-saving opportunities or provide tenant-specific billing.



EMD-1ZW is a smart power metering device designed to measure electricity consumption from the electricity meter. E-Meter counts LED pulses from the house meter and converts it to Watt and accumulated KWh. Measuring your home’s energy consumption is the first and most important step toward reducing energy consumption and achieving greater energy efficiency.



The PSM-DIN2/3ZW is a Z-Wave DIN rail mounted electricity meter designed for reliable performance and easy installation. By providing accurate and detailed information on energy consumption, the PSM-DIN2/3ZW enables users to measure, monitor, and conserve electricity, leading to reduced energy consumption and achieve greater energy efficiency.

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