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Repeaters / Routers



RMB-35ZW, a multifunctional AC powered Z-Wave repeater router with dual USB power adapter charger that allows you to charge any two smartphones, web-enabled devices, or other USB-charged devices. Capable of extending wireless signal to areas with blind spots, a solution for anyone who experiences poor wireless connection within their home or office. On top of having a small and compact size, the RMB-35ZW was designed with an interchangeable plug feature that can be easily switching between EU plug and US plug, further optimizing inventory management.



The RMB-23ZW is an AC-powered plug-in wireless extender that can boost your Z-Wave network signal latency into hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for both residential and commercial premises, the RMB-23ZW can amplify the communication range between the gateway and sensors, thereby solving the problem of signal loss due to distance limitations. Requires no wiring, the router can be plugged into a standard power outlet for simple plug-n-play deployment.

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