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Door Contact



SDC-1ZBS is a discreet ultra-thin wireless ZigBee door contact that detects and reports the irregular opening / closing of doors and windows. At only 4 mm thick, SDC-1ZBS can be embedded within door and window frames, making it undetectable and ideal for security application, especially to hide from intruders looking to disarm your security system.



OPDC-1-ZBS is an optical door/window contact that reliably monitors the opening and closing of doors and windows, and alerts users of any irregular activities. Requiring no magnet contact, the optical sensor OPDC-1-ZBS significantly reduces the mounting effort and increases the installation flexibility. It also comes with a reflecting sticker for users to fix on the opposite side of the infrared sensor to enhance infrared detection.



The MDC-ZBS Series is a discreet ZigBee miniature door sensor that monitors the irregular opening / closing of doors and windows. The MDC-ZBS Series is particularly small, which allows for highly flexible and virtually invisible installation, allowing users to stay in touch, in control, and provide a peace of mind.



DCSV-23ZBS is a ZigBee door / window contact with built-in shock / vibration sensor that combines two functions in one unit to bolster perimeter protection.



DC-23ZBS Series is a wireless Zigbee door contact designed to detect the unauthorized opening and closure of doors, windows, cabinets, and drawers. DC-23ZBS is multi-functional, with a built-in extension terminal which allows it to be added to an existing wired sensor or to double as a universal transmitter.



The DCSV-18ZBS is a ZigBee door/window contact with a built-in shock sensor. It monitors the openings/closings of doors/windows as well as detecting the impact caused by breaking glass or forced entries. The early detection and alert provided by the sensor effectively discover and deter a break-in attempt before a door or window is opened, thereby minimizing burglary or property damage.



The DC-16SL ZBS is a ZigBee door contact that detects and reports the irregular opening/closing of doors and windows to a control panel. This monitoring device is ideal for security and home automation applications to protect entrances and valuables, also activate other Zigbee devices to perform home automation functionalities through scene settings.



DC-15ZBS is Door Contact used to monitor opening and closing of doors and windows and alert the control panel of any irregular activities. DC-15ZBS’s built-in extension terminal allows it to connect to a wired sensor or double as a universal transmitter, to provide extra protection and greater flexibility.

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