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Water Leak Sensor



Wireless ZigBee water leakage sensor with powerful functions, the WLS-23ZBS series is designed to make your family more comfortable and prevent against serious water damage that can cause stressful and expensive home repairs and damages. The entire length of WLS-23ZBS’s water sensing cable can detect water and also be further extended with optional extension cables to increase detection area.



The TWLS-9ZBS Series is wireless multifunctional ZigBee sensor aimed to monitor home environment of water leakage, temperature, and/or humidity. When water is detected, the TWLS-9ZBS Series will transmit an alarm report signal to the control panel and the user will immediately receive alerts. When the temperature and/or humidity fluctuate to unsafe or undesirable levels, users will receive immediate notification. Ideally suited for climate sensitive areas in your home or business, including wine cellars, collection rooms, greenhouse, kitchen, bathroom, basement and more to increase comfort level and protect valuables.



The WLS-16-ZBS series of wireless ZigBee water leak sensor is designed to alert you before a large disaster happens and helps to reduce the risk of water damage. It is a perfect solution for monitoring water leaks in basement, garage, bathroom and kitchen or any place water leakage might occur. Completely wireless, WLS-16ZBS can be easily install anywhere needed and provide you with a peace of mind.



The WLS-15ZBS ZigBee water sensor detects water leaks and prevents flood damage. The sensor has a built-in siren to make audible alerts when alarms are triggered. With two types of sensing probes, the sensor can be wall mounted or deployed near the ground.

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