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Receivers and Transmitters



WADC-1 is a door contact that combines PIR sensors to monitor openings of the door and detect the movements around it. As an enhancement to comprehensive care for the elderly, WADC-1 is specially designed for those who are suffering from dementia and prone to wander, protecting them from potential risks.



SPDC-23 is a multifunctional door contact that designed to monitor openings/closings of the door and the activation of the floor pressure mat connected to it. The extension terminal in SPDC-23 allows itself to be connected with the floor pressure mat. Functioning in conjunction with the mat, SPDC-23 will trigger alarms and transmit signals to the control panel. The caregiver will be notified and this mechanism is capable of protecting users from potential risks, especially those who are suffering from dementia and prone to wander.



The SPT-1 is a wireless sensor pad transmitter that can be connected to a bed/chair sensor pad or alarming floor mat to create a bed, chair, and wander detection wireless alarm system. When a resident or patient gets up from the bed/chair pad, or pressure is added to a floor mat, a wireless signal and alarm will go off and a caregiver would be immediately alerted of the situation. The SPT-1 can help track and monitor 24/7.

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