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Voice Activation Emergency Alarm & Communicators



The Voice Recognition Alarm, VRA, adopts advanced speech recognition technology that recognizes preset vocal commands or keywords and triggers specified actions. When combined with a monitoring system, it will activate an emergency call to a professional monitoring center, allowing users to receive emergency attention even in situations which they are unable to seek help physically.



VRCP-WiFi is an AC-powered Emergency Voice Call Point with Voice Recognition capability and has a single button that can be used to make calls when there is an emergency. VRCP-WiFi works with routers that support Wi-Fi network to provide network connection for making outgoing voice calls, receiving incoming call, and two-way voice communication.



VRCP-DECT is a Voice Extender that enables users to summon emergency help with voice recognition command or a single button press. VRCP-DECT has built-in voice recognition and can activate an emergency call to CMS by preset vocal commands or keywords. It is suitable for senior and medical care, multi-storied homes, and larger premises.

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