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N95 / N99 Plane-Cavity Type Medical Protective Face Mask (Fumei SHIELD) 
made in china
N95-N99-Fumei mask.png


This N95/N99 series masks are developed by the institute of microbiology and epidemiology of military medical sciences on the basis of analyzing and comparing the facial features of more than 2,000 people. The products are in strict accordance with the “medical respirator technical requirements” in China (GB19083-2010), and achieved national class II medical equipment product certificate. This product is widely applied in the biological safety laboratory, clinical testing laboratories and hospitals (including the infectious disease hospital) and other places of highperformance protective equipment.


  1. The filtration efficiency of non-oil particles is above 95% / 99%. 

  2. The multilayer folding composite structure provides large effective area and high filtration efficiency. 

  3. Low respiratory resistance, feel comfortable for long-time wearing. 

  4. Ergonomic design of nose clip can make the upper part of the mask fitting the nose structure during muscle action. The facial fit is not affected by facial and body movements, always maintain a secure seal. The facial seal feature is considerably much better than similar products. 

  5. Excellent air exchange rate and good quality. 

  6. Flat package, easy for storage. Cavity structure while wearing prevents lip contacting mask and reduces dampness. 


  1. The best choice of the primary protection in P3, P4 biological safety laboratory, effectively blocks viruses, bacteria, other pathogenic microorganism aerosol, and dust. 

  2. Used in quality inspection laboratories, residue testing laboratories and chemical laboratories, it can effectively isolate the "zero" distance contact between operators and harmful substances or gases, and minimize the staff's permission for laboratory exhaust pollution. 

  3. Used in clinical testing laboratory, microbiology laboratory, effectively avoid the pathogenic microorganisms in serum, dander and other media. 

  4. Used in clinics to effectively protect medical personnel and susceptible people, and prevent infection and injury of human bodies by infectious pathogens, unknown pathogens, radioactive substances and other hazardous factors. 

  5. It is mainly used in infectious disease hospitals, P3 / P4 laboratories, virus clinics, zoology research and applications, disease prevention and control centers, and our military equipment and reserves. It also effectively isolates PM2.5 (smog). 


Instruction For Use




In 2014, this mask is designated as necessary safety protective equipment for PLA military staffs to protect against Ebola outbreak in mobile P3 laboratory. 


In 2009, during the period of H1N1, this mask is designated as specialized protective equipment in China, and as the first Mexico humanitarian aid to help the international epidemic prevention and control. 

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