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N95 Facemask (particulate respirator)
made in china


On the basis of face anatomy analysis, this ear loop type medical respirator (Non sterile) was developed by our factory partner, an adanced biotech company in China. The product is in strict accordance with standard of "medical respirator technical requirements" (GB 19083-2010), including appearance, size, nose clip, synthetic blood penetrate, particle filtration efficiency, pressure difference and flame retardant properties, microbial indicators, etc. the respirator is intended to use for medical work environment, filtering particulates in the air, preventing droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. 


  1. Melt-blown non-woven fabrics provided by Sinopec with bacteria filtration efficiency above 99%. 

  2. Foldable design, large effective area, high filtration efficiency. 

  3. Breathing resistance less than 343.2 Pa, less ventilation resistance, breath comfortable. 

  4. Neck tape design reduces compression of the ear. 

  5. Ergonomic nose clip always keeps secure and dynamic seal. 



  1. Used in clinics to filter particles, droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. 

  2. Used by medical staff in the operating room to prevent the spread of dandruff and airway microorganisms to open surgical wounds, and to prevent the body fluids of surgical patients from spreading to medical staff, which plays a role of two-way biological protection. 

  3. Used by medical staff during non-invasive procedures, covering the mouth, nose, and chin of the user, and providing a physical barrier to prevent direct transmission of pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids, and other particles. 

  4. Suitable for ordinary people in daily environment to block the spread of droplets, pollen, bacteria and other particles.


Instruction For Use

  1. Remove mask and hook from packaging, and connect one strap into the hole of the hook. 

  2. Open folding panels with nosepiece facing upward, and hold each strap with one hand. 

  3. Hold the bottom of the mask securely under your chin, and pull the straps behind your ears to connect the hook to both straps. Adjust the hook slot for better fit. 

  4. Place your fingertips from both hands at the top of the nosepiece. Using two hands, mold the nose area to the shape of your nose by pushing inward while moving your fingertips down both sides of the nosepiece. 

  5. Perform a User Seal Check prior to each wearing. To check the respirator-to-face seal, cover the middle panel with one or both hands. Be careful not to disturb the position of the mask. Exhale sharply, if air leaks around the nose, readjust the nosepiece as described in step 4. If air leaks around mask edges, adjust panels, straps and hook slot. 

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