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PixoTest is the new all-in-one, meter-free blood glucose monitoring system. The innovative colorimetric measurement technology allows the user to carry only a smartphone, a mounting clip and sufficient test units for their daily use. The PixoHealth App assists the user through the measurement process, and the blood glucose readings are available at any time through the app or from the Cloud.

The PixoTest Glucose Test Strip with Integrated Lancet Cartridge consists of a single use reagent membrane and a sterile, single-use lancet. The PixoTest Blood Glucose Monitoring test method uses smartphone technology in conjunction with the PixoTest Glucose to measure blood glucose. The system is able to store and recall measurement records, the capacity of which depends on the memory space available on the user’s smartphone.



Meter Free

Pure smartphone operation makes the routine monitoring easy and simple.
Easy management


Measurements and historical data are saved directly to the smartphone and the cloud, which helps better evaluate the effectiveness of blood glucose management.


98.17% accuracy. (IDT clinical approved)
FDA, CE, TFDA certificate

Awsome Features

Easy Management
Precise & Accurate
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