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P1 Function
Computer with Graph
Behavior Analysis
  • 24/7 Always-On Tracking of daily activities, rest and sleep

  • Recommendations from daily behavior

  • Real-time emergency alerts

SLEEP Analysis
  • Improve sleep quality, regardless of age​.

  • View accurate statics on

    • Bedtime​

    • Get-Up Time

    • Number of times out of bed

    • Sleep position

  • Serve as a reference for physician assessments.​

Sleep analysis.png
Man on Walker
Fall Prevention
  • 95% Accuracy and market leader results

  • Prevent from following conditions:

    • falling down while walking

    • Slipping and falling in the bathroom

    • Falling due to unsteadiness when getting out of bed

Immediate Notification - Prevent Accidents from Aggravating​

Modern Living Room
Residence Monitoring

Comprehensive Senior Care


Monitor the environment of the elderly's home at any time


Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

Emergency Notification

Always-On care for the elderly with real-time emergency alerts

Ezcaring P1 defines these situations as emergencies:

  • Prolonged Inactivity

  • Falling down

  • Break-Ins

Realtime Emergency alerts will be sent to:​

  • Caregivers

  • Ambulance

  • Police

This technology is cheaper than traditional thermal induction, and has advantages in data consumption and update speed.

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